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Face to Face appointments Posted on 7 Oct 2021

Despite the media coverage of GP's not offering face to face appointments, we at the Panton Practice are. Since the pandemic we did reduce our face to face appointments to reduce the spread of COVID-19, now we are offering more face to face routine appointments as well as our on the day acute service for patients to be seen by one of our allied healthcare professionals once their e-Consultation has been triaged and deemed to require a face to face appointment. We do still offer telephone consultations if this is suitable to individual patients, the choice will be given to you at the point of contact if the GP/Allied Healthcare Professional feels that the need can be dealt with through either option.

We are moving forward to having our doors reopened in the very near future. We would appreciate our patients being considerate to our staff as we are still having to remain vigilant and safe as we still remain in the COVID-19 environment. Masks are still to be worn in the surgery, if exempt you may be offered a shield to wear during your consultation.

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